On our visit to Ghana this time, we went to four schools and an orphanage.  At King David School, we were welcomed with song and dance as they always do…later in the week, AOA sponsored a dinner with 7 students, 3 teachers and King David, principal.  AOA also visited and donated teaching and learning materials to Trinity Presbyterian School in Koforudia, Cape Coast Village School, Presby School in Osu and Osu Childrens Home orphanage.

Wendy with teachers from King David

Jacqui Brown, retired educator, enjoys the evening out with the students and school staff

Teachers at Trinity Presbyterian in Koforudia receive teaching and learning materials

Cape Coast Village school receives teaching and learning supplies from Karen Johnson of AOA

A very happy King David Student

Gladys, King David teacher, receives TEACHER OF THE YEAR award in honor and memory of Major Brown, educator.

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