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AOA worked with Prince George’s County Public Schools in Maryland to help guide students academically, professionally and culturally while educating them about their ancestral culture and history.

Our participants were exposed to a wide variety of activities including educational and career programs, cultural exposure and personal development.  The students were  offered a variety of life enriching activities to include writing and study skills classes, college preparation activities, career explorations and cultural activities. AOA provided an outlet to assist these children in reaching their potential by offering individual attention in small groups.

The students benefited from various college and career presenters — 4 year and 2 year institutions, trade schools and alternative choices. The students met doctors, lawyers, government officials, entrepreneurs and other professionals. The presenters spoke about the various post high school options and the wealth of career choices available to them. Students were also involved in visiting colleges and corporations and cultural activities such as museum outings. AOA college access program focused on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) and writing college essays. In addition, AOA has traveled extensively throughout Africa assisting school children and orphans and hopes to one day connect African American students with the students on the continent of Africa by offering a student exchange program.

 Campers tour Fedex Stadium (2009)








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