The Elmina and Cape Coast Slave Castles are always sad and heartwrenching, but a very necessary and crucial visit on our “Don’t Let Your History Be A Mystery” tour. We learn the about the cruel treatment and the fate of the captured Africans. The native Ghanians welcome us home. We offer a ceremony in honor of our stolen ancestors.

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CAPE COAST DUNGEON--hundreds of male Africans were stored here until the ships arrived.  Men were seperated from women and families were destroyed. The president's plaque CAPE COAST castle--where millions of Africans spent their last days in the dungeons in Africa before being shipped to the west for a life of slavery.
CAPE COAST--where the slave ships came in. CAPE COAST CAPE COAST
Tour members hear of the indecencies against the captured slaves while held hostage in the dungeons.  No air, no water...just enoough food to survive.  What a STRONG people!!!! CAPE COAST FEMALE DUNGEON--HUNDREDS OF WOMEN WERE STORED IN A VERY SMALL AREA FOR MONTHS UNTIL THE SHIPS ARRIVED
CAPE COAST "THE DOOR OF NO RETURN" THE DOOR OF NO RETURN.  Once the Africans left the dungeons, they were sold as slaves in the west.  Many Africans jumped into the Atlantic rather than facing the unknown. THE DOOR OF NO RETURN. The ships waited to carry the Africans in the belly of the ship, stacked on top of each other for the long journey to the west.
Photos 1 - 15 out of 40 | Back to Albums

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