Sunday June 15, 2014ethiopia

5:00pm-7:00pm $20.00 donation
Plaza Lanes, 300 Main Street, Madison, NJ

Desta is having a bowling party to generate funds for a very important project. I was born in Ethiopia and my mother and I are returning there this summer with specific goals in mind. I will be volunteering at an orphanage for two weeks. Many Ethiopians are in dire need of medical supplies. The school children need educational materials. The funds that we collect from this bowling party will help to pay for some of the expenses necessary to get these much needed items to Ethiopia. Please come and support me in this effort. Our concern for the world should be active. Thank you!

Let’s help the children in Ethiopia while we have fun! Come join me! Hope to see you there! Bring a friend!
If you are unable to attend but would like to contribute to this worthy cause, please mail your donation, payable to:
Age of Awareness (Ethiopia)
PO Box 111, Glenn Dale, MD 20769

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Helps others with AOA’s BOX/BANK PROGRAM

Age of Awareness (AOA) announces our Box/Bank (B/B) program to help those desperately in need of items. Schools, villages and orphanages throughout Ghana, West Africa will benefit from your generous donations.  All you will need is a box and a bank. You will fill up a box of items between now and January 1, 2014 and collect your daily pocket change to put in your bank to assist in shipping your box.
Here is how it works:
THE BOX  – Begin filling your BOX now with new and/or gently used items.
(medium box size 18″X18″X16″, large box size 18″X18″X24″)
You can use boxes you may have that are similar in size, or you can pick one up for about $1.50 at Home Depot.
Here are some guidelines:
ITEMS FOR WOMEN  summer blouses, shorts, pants, undergarments, soaps, perfumes, make up, nail polish, hair products, bags, shoes, sneakers, sanitary napkins, dresses, skirts, jeans, deodorant
ITEMS FOR MEN  tee shirts, pants, jeans, underwear, shorts, cologne, baseball caps, shoes, sneakers, socks, ties, dress shirts, suits, soaps, deodorant, shampoo
ITEMS FOR CHILDREN  summer baby clothes, shoes, socks, sneakers, shorts, tee shirts, underwear, pampers, small toys
OTHER ITEMS  All teaching and learning materials — books (fact-based like encyclopedias), children’s books, games, educational videos and CDs, pens, pencils, crayons, notebooks, erasers, rulers, calculators, folders, construction paper, markers, flash cards, computers, printers, scissors, rulers, tape, band aids, antibacterial ointments, hand sanitizer, cell phones, tooth brushes, tooth paste, lined paper

Secure a bank, small box or any other similar item to put your leftover pocket change in every day. You will be really surprised how this will add up and you won’t feel the pinch. The cost to ship a medium box will be about $75 and the large box will be about $90. And the best part is you have between now and January 2014 to save up! It’s just a little over $10 a month!
JANUARY 2014 BOX/BANK DROP OFF– location to be determined – details to follow.
The shipment should arrive in Ghana by late F ebruary/early March and I will be going over in late March to distribute the items. I welcome you to join me…I will have all trip details by November 2013. The trip normally runs about $2100 for air and hotel. Food and tours are not included.
Please feel free to pass this information on to your friends, neighbors, coworkers, community groups, Girl Scouts, etc…
If you have any questions or require further information please give me a call or send me an email. For those of you participating, I will be sending out “helpful tips” emails regularly to assist you in your effort. Attached is a picture of some very happy recipients on my last visit. Thank you so much for your consideration and looking forward to your participation!
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AOA held its annual fundraiser on Thursday November 29, 2012 at the Newton White Mansion. Guests were invited to shop for African handicrafts, play games and make donations.

DSCF3203 DSCF3196 DSCF3195 DSCF3172

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AOA visited the following schools in Ghana from September 23 to October 2, 2012:

KAAJANO PRESBY PRIMARY IN OSU – (computer recipient)

COMMUNITY SCHOOL 7 #2 PRIMARY IN TEMA – (computer recipient)

KING DAVID SCHOOL IN TESHIE – (computer recipient)



THREAD HAPPY CHILD CLUB, KUMASI (school supply recipients)

Please click on “PHOTOS” above to see pictures of our recent trip to Ghana.

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Age of Awareness returns to GHANA

AOA will be returning to Ghana in September 2012. We will be distributing teaching and learning materials and computers to various schools throughout Greater Accra. If you would like to donate to this effort, please click on the “donate” button. Please take a look at our photos from past trips. Thank you!

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Age of Awareness article in the Gazette…please read!

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AOA is preparing school supplies to ship to our schools in GHANA. We need your help!! (click on photos to enlarge)

Scissors galore! All the supplies were emptied out on to the table. Student volunteers donted time for community service and organized and packed the school supplies. The boxes were readyto be filled.  More books.More notebooks.

If you would like to donate to the cost of shipping, please click the “donate” button at the top or call 240-245-4827 or send your donation to PO Box 111, Glenn Dale, MD 20720. THANK YOU!!!

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Age of Awareness will be returning to Ghana in March 2012 to deliver much needed teaching and learning materials for the instructors and students.  We need your help.  A $10 donation will help purchase and ship supplies for our schools.  Please click the “donate” button for your donation or mail it to:  Age of Awareness, PO Box 111, Glenn Dale, MD 20769.  WE REALLY APPRECIATE YOUR ASSISTANCE!!!!  Please take a look at our photos to see the past work we have done….it would have not been possible without your contributions!!!!

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On our visit to Ghana this time, we went to four schools and an orphanage.  At King David School, we were welcomed with song and dance as they always do…later in the week, AOA sponsored a dinner with 7 students, 3 teachers and King David, principal.  AOA also visited and donated teaching and learning materials to Trinity Presbyterian School in Koforudia, Cape Coast Village School, Presby School in Osu and Osu Childrens Home orphanage.

Wendy with teachers from King David

Jacqui Brown, retired educator, enjoys the evening out with the students and school staff

Teachers at Trinity Presbyterian in Koforudia receive teaching and learning materials

Cape Coast Village school receives teaching and learning supplies from Karen Johnson of AOA

A very happy King David Student

Gladys, King David teacher, receives TEACHER OF THE YEAR award in honor and memory of Major Brown, educator.

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AOA visits King David School in Accra, Ghana

Edward Niidue, King David student (top left) wants to be a pilot and proudly displays his Age of Awareness tee shirt during a student dinner with AOA.  Trina Williams (2nd from left) assists in coordinating the teacher packs as Toni Hillman looks on. Teachers at King David receive their school supply gift packs (left). A group of students gather to  welcome visitors (bottom).

THANKS TO ALL OF YOU–Christina Orlicke, Rachel Smith, Donna Wagner Aparicio, Thelma Sullivan, Sheila Eldridge, Sally Hagens, Linda Johnson, Desta Johnson, Wanda D. Hayes, John Smith, Toni Hillman, Lee Hill, Monika Evstatieva, Lucy Collins, Pamela Jean Standley-Jamison, Rudy “Marc” Jules, Kenn Futch, Jan Mereday, Rick Silva, Lonnie Alsop, Tina Woodbury, Adrienne Walcott, Michel Martin, Mr. & Mrs. Loguidice, Les Smith, Ardella Lewis, Darlene Robinson, Joi Hagens, Waymon Guinn, Andrea Gallo, Ray Stevens, Brenda Newsam, Dale Dykes, Tommy Porter, Karen White, Robert Coley, Michelle Spann Nieves, Doris Wooten, Barry Rogers, DEBO, Lynne Hoban, Yanick Rice  Lamb, Karen “Peaches” Johnson, Venita Roberts, Teshima Walker, Trina Williams, Malik Washington, Michael Bernard, Jacqui Brown, Jeanne Shorey Paquette, Lincoln Lee, Kathy Chiarolanzio, Charlotte Underwood, Lanette Simmons, Jimmy Johnson

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